The Silence of Miscarriage

Miscarriage often brings silence. We even call some miscarriages “silent miscarriages”. From feeling that there are no safe places where they can talk to thoughts that other people are fed up hearing the same story over and over again. Parents experiencing the deep loss of miscarriage often find themselves silencing their stories … yet the … More The Silence of Miscarriage


Facebook. A picture of a young girl. Eyes twinkling with mischief. A rascal! Second comment: “Fatty” For a moment I was almost physically paralysed as I read that comment. Outraged. But … realisation dawned … the author of the comment was a Facebook friend … the girl herself … now all grown up … years … More Fatty!

Lessons from the Garden I

#1 – Shame! Let’s start with the biggest punch in the guts … no point in building up to a big finale when you don’t know where the journey will take you! When I say that the garden was transformed “through the skills of a team of guys” … what that actually translated as was: … More Lessons from the Garden I

Lessons from the Garden

#0 – The Back Story This week we pressed RESET on the garden! It was LONG overdue … but in a season when everything feels to be in RESET mode, it felt timely. I am always looking to hear what God is whispering to me in the every day ordinary of life … and I … More Lessons from the Garden

Canal -v- Munro

Comparison is the thief of joy. A year ago, this weekend, I walked 100km (62.137 miles) along the canal paths between Glasgow and Edinburgh … in one go … we set off on the Saturday morning and arrived on the Sunday! This week I climbed a Munro … Ben Lawers … the 10th highest mountain … More Canal -v- Munro

My Father’s Daughter

Today I was sad. Unexpectedly sad. It’s Father’s Day. Dad died 8 years ago … so there have been other Father’s Days … but this one has caught me by surprise. Grief is like that … sometimes you can anticipate the difficult days and plan for them … but other days the rug just gets … More My Father’s Daughter

The Sound of Silence

Racism. Bigotry. I know little of one but, perhaps, too much of the other. I haven’t decided if they are one and the same thing – they sound like they might be … but yet they look very different. Both are rooted in fear … ignorance … division … oppression … war. We will deny … More The Sound of Silence


Lockdown. A space where I am being unpicked and repurposed. Shona – a craftswoman. #ShonaMasonMakes A woven garment and an unpicked dress. Repurposed. In/Complete. Shona, a recent conversation about being unpicked and repurposed took me to your Facebook post about your new In/Complete boxy jumper … and as I talked I realised that God was … More In/Complete

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